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The e-commerce.

Need help understanding tax display and sort order


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Hello all,

I am working on installing osCommerce for a store in Canada and as usual, I am having fun with the tax modules etc. I set up the zones and rates as specified in other posts, and I installed a contribution that shows both the pst and the gst.

Now, I finally figured out about sort order and how the order determine how the tax is displayed. (ie. you must have the tax order after the shipping to display the tax on shipping) My question is how do I show the descriptions as I specified in the tax rates?

This is how it is displayed:

Sub-Total: $159.00

Flat Rate (Best Way): $10.00

GST ( 7.0% ): $11.13

PST ( 8.0% ): $12.72

Tax (15%): $1.50

Total: $194.35


Although the tax on shipping is the correct total, it only identifies it as Tax (15%) instead of showing the descriptions as listed in the definitions on the rates (Tax on shipping)

Any ideas on where I need to look to make it display properly?

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