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'Rembours' module?


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I want a dutch payment/shipping method on my site. It's called 'rembours'. I want that when you order a product that the buyer can select rembours as payment method and when the customer has to confirm the order there is standing in the price: ?1,- for exsample. Is there a module for this?

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I see i didnt make it very clear.


I want the shopper to select TPG Post Rembours as shipping method with the price: ?10.00. Than in the payment method he must cant select anything. In the invoice there must be standing: Rembours: ?10.00

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For the shipping part, you can just copy and edit flat.php. For payment, you might have to edit the php code in checkout_payment.php so that when it sees that the customer picked 'Rembours' shipping it doesn't allow any other kind. Alternately, you might modify checkout_shipping.php so that it calls checkout_confirm.php direct when 'Rembours' is selected.


Someone was talking about making a contribution to do this kind of thing (payment modules dependent on shipping module selected), but I don't remember if they finished it.




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Hoi Pimmy,


helaas begrijp het gebruik van rembours nog niet helemaal, ik heb rembours zelf ook nodig. Maar er zijn wel wat berichten over op: http://forum.oscommerce.nl

diverse mensen hebben het goed werkend gekregen volgens mij. Als het je lukt, hoor ik graag hoe je het precies gedaan hebt!


Sorry, that was Dutch, I mainly said that there is a thread about rembours at the Dutch forums.

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Thanks, it works now but there is one problem. I want a other rembours price for more products. This for exsample:



20 baby borns


Sub total: ?10,00

Rembours: ?40,-

Total: ?50,-


So the rembours price grows when more products are in. 2 products = ?20, 3 = ?29,- etc.


Is this possible?

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