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Suggestions for EasyPopulate for MS2


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Okay, I downloaded EP one day before they posted a UPDATED "Manual", but figured it out and made the changes.


However, I have a suggestion that wouldn't take much time at all to do and to be reposted by the Author.


1) Make the "tep_array_merge" to "array_merge" fucntion changes in the actually PHP file.


2) Change the temp file location from the root of the "catalog" directory to the root of the "admin" directory.


3) The one simple change you have user make in the catalog.php you may want to add BEGIN and END comments around it, to help some less exerienced users. It is recommend that all MODS to a file should have some type of BEGIN and END comments around them.


The reason for #2 is that having a 777 directory in an unpassword protected area is a security hole. Anyone could use it as a drop off point for illeagal file tranfers, among other things.


Most installation of OSC should have there admin directory password protect at the very least. Therefore anyone from the outside would have to know this before accessing it. However, EP is running from the admin directory therefore it can access the admin/temp directory without the use of a password.


THANKS for one of the most useful OSC Mods I have seen, and also one of the easiest to install and to use.



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I forgot one other suggestion. However, in the 2.60 MS Word manual the "support for Linda's Header Controller 2.0" is supposed to be disabled, however it comes enabled. It would be nice to have a variable to disable or enable it in the config area, or to have it autodetect the MOD by checking if those fields exist in the DB.


Thanks again...



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Sorry to seem like a pest, but I forgot another thing:


In the manual you have a type-o for the name of the function to find for enabling support for Linda's Header Controller 2.0.


It says to find function ep_create_file_layout when it is ep_create_filelayout. I know this is minor, but some less experienced users may try to search by the complete function name and come up with nothing. :)


Again sorry to seem like a pest.

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