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The e-commerce.

Problem in Admin and in Catalog with more than one zone


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I've tryed to get an answer in the german forum but nobody could help me there.


Here the original problem from the german forum:




nun habe ich mal ein wenig weiter getestet.  

Bei mehr als einer Steuerzone macht osc folgende Fehler:  


Im Adminbereich der Produktpflege wird der Bruttowert falsch berechnet. Eine Eingabe des Bruttopreises ist also nicht m?glich.  

Wenn man den korrekten nettopreis eingibt, dann l?uft aber der Catalog richtig.  


Im Catalogbereich gibt es dennoch ein Problem, welches ich bereits beschrieben habe:  





Kunde hat 2 Adresse angelegt:  


1. Adresse in Deutschland (standard)  

2. Adresse in ?sterreich  


Der Kunde loggt sich ein und bestellt Ware. Soweit ist alles ok. Jetzt geht der Kunde mit vollem Warenkorb zu seinem Konto und ?ndert die Standard Adresse. Pl?tzlich stehen alle Preise ohne Mehrwertsteuer da.  


Wenn er im Laufe der Bestellung direkt nur Liefer und oder Rechnungsadresse ver?ndert ist alles ok.  

Der Fehler passiert also nur, wenn der Kunde im Laufe einer Bestellung die Standradadresse ?ndert.  




Nun w?re es toll, wenn wir ein paar Profis erreichen, die das Problem mal genauer unter die Lupe nehmen k?nnten.  




OK now I will try to translate the problem:


1. Adminarea


If you have two or more than one zone with tax and you will add a new product the productprice will calculation from netto to brutto in the admin is wrong. For example you have two different zones and both have tax of 16% the admintool will calculate 32% instad of 16%

There for you are not able to put in prices with tax - you always have to put in the price without tax and have to ignore the shown price with tax.


2. Catalog


If you have two zones with tax like discribed above and a customer pick up a product to the basket it will show the correct price.


Than the customer loggs in his existing account with two adresses. One in germany and one in Austria.


Now he changes the default adress from germany to austria in the useradminarea (MyAccount)


Now the price is shown without tax


After loghing out and logging in again evereything is ok again.



I hope I've translated it in a way you can understand my problem. And I also hope I will get some answers or better solutions for my problem.

I think it's not a configurationproblem - it must be a osc problem.

Thanks Matthias

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I think many people are trading below the VAT threshold so won't be able to help. I gather that you should put the items in the catalog without tax. I don't know why your zones are not working (but I'm not yet knowledgable in that area) - sounds odd. Are you using the VAT contribution?

Maybe the installation forum is not the most appropriate for this sort of query.

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Hallo radders,


thanks for psoting. No I'm not using any VAT Contribution. I'm using the tools inside osc2.2 MS2.


And I have activated show prices including Tax. And I also will fill the database with prices without tax. OSC is calculating the tax. And thats the problem.


Normaly (because it also would happen if you only install osc without any contribution) everybody with mor than one zone must have the same problem in admin and catalog if he has activate "show prices with tax".

Thanks Matthias

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As far as I am aware osc needs the VAT contribution to work correctly with VAT otherwise tax is handled in a different way, more in line with that in USA. I don't know if this is related to the zones problem though.

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Hallo David,


I don't think so. The Problem is the sourcecode.


In Admin (if you have two zone with 16% Tax for example) the price with tax is calculated like: price without tax*32

The reason is, that the admin has no view on zones - it only looks in the table tax and adds the both taxvalues of 16% to 32%


The problem with the catalog I told about is only when the customer has two different adresses in different countries and he will change the mainadress during orderprocess. Than you suddenly have all prices without tax. After relogin everything is ok.


Try this it for your self:

1. Create a user with two adresses in different Taxzones

2. Logout

3. Put something in the basket and then login

4. change now the mainadress of the customer to the other

5. have a look at the price in the basket

6. logout

7. login again and have again a look at the calculated price


(Importend is, that you have the function "Show price including Tax" TRUE and all prices in the database are without tax.)



The VAT Contribution, I think would not change enything in the behavior of admin and catalog for those problems.

Thanks Matthias

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