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The e-commerce.

Affiliate Payment module tailored to oscommerce


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I hope this is ok to post. If not, please delete.

I am trying to figure out whether it would be worthwhile to spend our time, energy and money in developing this module. I would really appreciate the feedback.


I have been approached by someone who uses oscommerce affiliate module. They have been making check payments and paypal to affiliates. Apparently, they no longer want to be bothered and want to outsource it to us to create a payment network.

What the network would do -

first, Merchants would be able to create and account - at login they can export their affiliates info from the database - select which affiliates to pay, which payment option to use - prepaid mc/visa, virtual cc, paypal (some of these services carry a fee to implement and this fee is charged to the affiliate), amount to send - partial or full, etc. Affiliates list can be updated as new affiliates added. Reports and stats search. Ability to export said data to your database. Seamless integration with the oscommerce affiliate module. They would send see the total affiliate payment, any necessary fees and the total amount to transfer to the admin company. The admin company would then send the prepaid cards to the affiliate, send the virtual cc code or send the paypal amount. Merchant will get confirmation of payment to affiliate.

This model can also be used for incentive programs, sites that offer shoppers a reward, etc.

This would be a free service to the oscommerce community or something like a $1-$5 a month to cover the fees that visa/mc change for the certification process - they have to make sure all is legit. All other fees incurred would be covered by the merchant (if they choose to pay us with Paypal CC funds) no fees, if they elect to pay with Paypal cash, and a fee that is paid by the affiliate/shopper, etc if they choose a prepaid cc, virtual cc, atm cash card, etc. - the prepaid and virtual cc would be accepted anywhere that accepts mc/visa and the atm cash card - they can withdraw funds anywhere there are cirrus/novus, mac, ect networks or at any store as the user would get a pin. User will be able to see account history if it is a reloadable card.

Prepaid and reloadable cards would be cobranded/logoed visa/mc card with maybe a nice osc-affiliat network logo or such.

2) This would allow the creation of a multi affiliate network liek commission junction, or linkshare or bfast but targeting oscommerce merchants so that management is easy via import/export or direct database synchronization. What this means is that for example, all oscommerce aaffiliate users would be able to participate in a links network where people could come and signup as affiliates to more than one oscommerce site at the same time. So if you as a merchant has 5 different stores, you do not need 5 different signins and lists to manage. You have one central one. Affiliates could login to one location and see all the affiliate programs they are participating in, see the commissions pending and rewarded, status of payment, etc.


Once developed all modules would be contributed to the community to allow for the easy integration and access to oscaffiliate, etc


Questions -

1)How do you currently manage your affiliate payment?

2)How much time do you spend on affiliate management per month?

3)What is the average payout per user?

4)Overall payout per month?

5)Number of affiliates?

6)What do you think of a central oscommerce affiliates management idea?


If you would be interested in participating in an official survey for data gathering purposes, please let me know and I will create one and post a link. I could really use the info folks. I think this would help to take oscommerce to another level .

Thank you

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