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I setup a demo site for my work and they're impressed by what osc can do. I've been asked if osc can handle stock sold the real shop. I.E stock is barcoded and when read is subtracted from the stock on the site.


Has anyone setup a system to do this ?


If not...


Does anyone have an advice on barcode systems that could be extended to interact with stock held in the osc database?





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I'm pretty sure that there is a bar code contribution. Contributions are available from the community and download links in the upper left.




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Yes i've installed the barcode contribution and it happily prints a barcode on an invoice and on packaging. But there's not a system that allows items to be read by a barcode reader and consequently deducted from the stock levels on the website.


It's more relating to the software that comes with a barcode reader i guess.


Is there an open source or generic bar code reading software than can work with different readers?


g. :wink:

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I've overcomplicated this barcode system completely.. My findings are that a usb barcode reader works just like a keyboard device and will output a barcode at the cursor.


I'm therefore going to do a little page using frames and javascript onChange() to query osc using a EAN barcode. I therefore need to have a barcode field in the database. It only needs to be viewable/insertable on the new products admin page.


pls tell me if i've missed some obvious way of adding custom fields to a product :blink:



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