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The e-commerce.



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thanx, ill try those... I think that the oscommerce sites should com with an instruction manual.LOL


I just started in web design and they didn't go over these things in class that's for sure. My last professor claimed that u didn't need to know anything beyond HTML... What a lie that was :)


Anyway, I just strted and this is my first venture using PHP, so I'm a little stymied on getting started.

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Sadly, phpide isnt written in php and thus is a windows executable. Since my company is microsoft free - we dont allow the stuff on the premises so we dont get all those expensive problems that come with windows - including viruses and licensing fees - we cannot use this product. So much for the "open source" frame of mind.

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Front Page is not PHP aware. At most, you could use it to do prototyping and port that design over to osCommerce. It won't work well for editing .php files.


Good luck,


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