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The e-commerce.

how do i make the " Buy Now" link outside of osCom


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This is a link to "Add link outside of osCommerce to any boxes."



But i am want to slightly modify this script. so that when some one can click "Buy Now" and it will take you to an external site to pay and download the sofware.


Note, my site has products that you can add to the cart, but i also wish to add some downloadable software products that will link outside of ocCommerce when you click the Buy Now link.


All help is appreciated. :roll:

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The simplest thing would be to use osCommerce for the downloadable products too (enable downloads and create product attributes with the download info). How do you plan on handling the situation where someone buys both kinds of products?


I'm not going to put a lot of work into thinking about how to do it, but to get you started: if you actually want to do it that way, just create a buy now image that links to a popup window of the other site and add an if statement to the part of product_info.php that displays the Add to Cart button. If special product display buy now link to outside product, else display normal Add to Cart button.


While it wouldn't be terribly difficult, this isn't trivial either. Setting up osCommerce to handle the downloads would be easier and wouldn't involve any custom coding.




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