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Need help with Categories


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Let say your store is Computer products. You have a Category for CPUs and sub categories for AMD and INTEL


When you click CPUs you see images for AMD and INTEL. But how can I do a show all that lists both the AMD and INTEL cpus?


Thanks for any info

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I'm not sure that this is exactly what you want but you can have a single category for all CPU's and tow thoings will happen.


a) your customers will be able to view by manufacturer and

B) if you list all CPU's by manufacturer the full list of CPU's will be available but in two blocks AMD followed by Intel.



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I think the only way to do this is to create the processors in the correct place and then copy them to anywhere else you want to have them displayed.


Be sure to do a copy and link the product - that way any changes you make will be reflected in all the copies.


So make a Processor category

Then an Intel and and AMD category which are sub categories of the processor category.


Then put the products in - it doesn't matter where you create them - when they are done simply copy and link them to the other place(s) you want them.

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