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help with extracting tax from DB to import into new db


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I have a older version of OSC 2.2 snapshot from around june last year.

I am upgrading to MS1, to get the older orders to work with version MS1 I need to convert the current DB to include the order_totals field. I use the update.php tool that was included in the package to convert it.


Ok, here is where I need some help.

With my current OSC (older snpashot) I did not include tax in the price, in fact I totally turned off tax. I had a problem with the tax as it would not display the tax in the included price. So I turned it off completly. So the tax field in the DB had no use.

Now, with MS1 the tax problem is fixed. I want to divide each order total in the old DB by 11 (this gives the correct tax amount of 10%) and add it in the new orders_totals tax field. I dont want the customers total price to change, just add the 10% tax amount in the total price they have already paid.

Is this possible? If so how can this be done, if i do it manually it will take me a very long time.

Is there a code to incorparate into the update.php utility?

The update.php code is


/* $Id: update.php,v 2002/11/28 23:21:22 wilt Exp $ */

include '../mysql.php';

// if a readme.txt file exists, display it to the user

if(!$read_me) {

 if(file_exists('readme.txt')) {

	 $readme_file = 'readme.txt';


 elseif(file_exists('README')) {

	 $readme_file = 'README';


 elseif(file_exists('readme')) {

	 $readme_file = 'readme';


 if($readme_file) {

	 $readme = file($readme_file);


	 print nl2br(htmlentities(implode($readme, ' ')));

	 print "<HR NOSHADE SIZE="1"><CENTER><A HREF="update.php?read_me=1"><B>Continue</B></A></CENTER>n";

	 print "</TD></TR></TABLE>n";




// list all sql files in this directory for the user to choose from

if(!$filename) {

 print "<B>Select an SQL file to install.</B><UL>n";

 $files = dir('.');

 while($f = $files->read()) {

	 if(substr($f, -4, 4) == '.sql') {

   print "<LI><A HREF="update.php?read_me=1&filename=$f">$f</A>";

   $sql_file = file($f);

   if(substr($sql_file[0], 0, 8) == '# Brief:')  {

  	 print " - " . htmlentities(substr($sql_file[0], 9));


   print "</LI>n";



 print "</UL>";


// look like we've decided on a file

else {

 // read in the sql file and parse it into a form

 if(!$action) {

	 $sql_file = file($filename);

	 $sql_statements = array();

	 // create a new array containing just the lines we want.

	 foreach($sql_file as $k=>$v) {

   // get rid of whitespace

   $sql = trim($v);

   // no comments, please

   if(substr($sql, 0, 1) == '#') {



   // no blank lines

   if(!$sql) {



   // insert the current sql line into a buffer

   $cur_sql .= $sql . ' ';

   // get the ending character.  if it's a ';' then we have a full statement, otherwise keep appending until we do.

   if(substr($sql, -1, 1) == ';') {

  	 $sql_statements[] = substr(trim($cur_sql), 0, -1);

  	 $cur_sql = '';



	 // ok, we got our new array 'sql_statements' containing a full sql statement per element

	 // now, let's display them in a form to allow modification before commiting

	 print "<B>Check over the following SQL statements and make sure they are correct for your server.  If so, click the "Commit" button.</B><BR><BR>n";

	 print "<FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="update.php">n";

	 print "<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="action" VALUE="commit">n";

	 print "<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="filename" VALUE="$filename">n";

	 print "<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="read_me" VALUE="1">n";

	 foreach($sql_statements as $k=>$v) {

   print "<B>" . $k . ":</B> <TEXTAREA NAME="sql_statements[$k]" ROWS="3" COLS="40" WRAP="soft">" . htmlentities($v) . "</TEXTAREA><BR><BR>n";


	 print "<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Commit">";

	 print "</FORM>";


 // commit the changes to the database

 else {

	 foreach($sql_statements as $k=>$v) {

   $result = mysql_query(stripslashes($v));

   if(!$result) {

  	 print "<B>Error:</B> the following SQL statement didn't work.<BR>n";

  	 print mysql_error() . '<BR><BR>';

  	 print "<BLOCKQUOTE>n" . htmlentities(stripslashes($v)) . "n</BLOCKQUOTE>";

  	 print "<HR NOSHADE SIZE="1">";



	 print "<H1 ALIGN="center">SQL Database Updated!</H1>";




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sorry for the bump :roll:

I'm in desperate need to have this fixed, any help would be much appriciated. I'm willing to paypal some funds over for your assistance.

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