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exporting to CSV from MySQL


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Hi everyone,


I can't seem to export any of my MySQL tables (I use phpMyAdmin 2.5.0). I really need to be able to do this :(


All I get is this error message:


Notice: Undefined variable: table in (my filepath)/pma/tbl_dump.php on line 358


So I checked line 358 but I can't understand the code (it starts at PMA_get..):


$tmp_buffer = '';


PMA_getTableCsv($db, $table, $limit_from, $limit_to, $separator, $enclosed, $escaped, 'PMA_myCsvHandler', $err_url


, (isset($sql_query)?urldecode($sql_query):''));

$dump_buffer .= $tmp_buffer;


Does anyone know what the problem might be? It seems to get stuck straight away -as if its something to do with the enclosing '' quotes around table names or something. Any ideas?......


Thanks so much for your help.



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Does anyone have any thoughts about this? What stops MS1 versions from exporting their tables to CSV? The SQL export seems to work but I really need CSV.


Any help is appreciated.



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