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Delivery Methods


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Hi all,


Does anyone know if there is any way to change Delivery method?


I'm running a box office (gig ticket sales) for a music venue online - and want to have "Collect Tickets at Box Office" as a possible selection for the customers to use as a delivery method..






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Change the text for cash on delivery to "collect at box office" (or whatever you want). This is in (off memory) includes/languages/english/modules/payment/cod.php or something like that.


Set weight of item to 0 and you wil have no shipping charges.


That should do it.

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Hmm - that simply leaves 'Collect at box office' as a payment method.


Is there a way to have Credit Card as the only method of payment, with an option of delivery/collect at box office?



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I got it :D


One more thing - I'm a touch confussled as to how the table rate works - it seems to be charging just a set rate, regardless of weight...



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now i have the following error:



Warning: Wrong parameter count for define() in /home/woolyg/public_html/catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/table.php on line 14




I tried to change TABLE.php in the same directory to show a table weight-based delivery charge scheme...



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Will you be posting out any tickets or will they all be collected at box office?


If so, you could enable flat rate shipping for the ones which are going to be posted, because tickets aren't going to weigh much, and install the Free shipping module for if they select 'collect at box office'.


The customer would need to select which method and if they don't select the shipping method, they don't get sent their tickets, simple as that.


Give me a minute I will find the link for the free shipping module.

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I think I fixed it - wanna take a look?


let me know if it's clear enough for the general public to understand, would ya? http://www.thehubmezz.com/catalog if you have time of course :)


We'll be both posting tickets (and other merchandise) and holding them for customers at the box office (tickets only)...



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  • 5 months later...

Hi Paulgrimes,


I looked at your site and want to do a similar thing. Can you please tell me how you added the Collect Ticket at box shipping method ?

I would charge nothing if they come and collect the goods.




Birger Naert

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