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The e-commerce.

Installation failure - can't find SQL script


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Hi folks,


I am installing a new store (woot!) and I get the following error:


SQL file does not exist: /install/oscommerce.sql


when that file is, in fact, in the appropriate location.


I just downloaded OSC 2.2ms2, running on win2k/apache/mysql server.

Any insight?





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Try placing the file mentioned to be c:installoscommerce.sql


That more than likely will work. Came across this before on an XP box.


You can remove this after install.

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mmmm.... good idea, but it didnt work.


i tried putting it at the root of the web server on the e: drive, at the root of the apache folder on the c: drive, at the same level as the catalog folder, inside the catalog folder, and inside the install folder within the catalog folder.....



so how's this for a work around: what if i just run the script from MySQL Front? that should do it, right?


my only question then is: what is supposed to happen AFTER i get past this error in the install script?? am i NOT doing something that i SHOULD be doing...?


thanks for your reply and cycles - i appreciate it!



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