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Customizing to kind of affiliate handling


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[note: this message has been posted to both "General Support" and "Features" forums]

Hello osCommerce community.


We have not yet done a project with osCommerce, but hopefully our current project can fit in the framework without too much customization. As an alternative we're considering PHPShop, PHPPay or Typo3.


The current project is to implement a shop for a company, whose business-model is a bit perculiar and we will need to make customizations to the standard shop-functionality. Below I have briefly described the model and how it affects the functionality towards customers (frontend) and administrators (backend). With this basis, I hope to get feedback on which parts of the system which will need to be customized - and to what extend.


The company has two types of clients on their website;

- the first one can, from a system-point-of-view, be handled quite easily as customers just shop at the standard price, without any discounts and they pay freight to have the items shipped to their address.

- The second type of customers has been referred by one of the company?s affiliates, and they should be given a discount, and the turnover should be registered on the affiliate. Furthermore, the items they buy should not be delivered directly to the customer, but are delivered to the affiliate who then distributes the items to the customers. Thus the customer should not pay any freight-costs and should not be given the opportunity to specify any delivery-address/-info.


You could say that the model is an enhancement of the traditional affiliate programs, as the customers turnover is not only registered on the affiliate, but there?s also given discount and most importantly the delivery-address is determined according to the affiliate?s information.


It seems that this will have the following effect on the buying-process;

- client should be able to specify an affiliate which they wish to ?buy through? (happens either by selecting from a liste og specifying the affiliates code/phonenumber)

- freight cost are not calculated for orders through an affiliate

- der will (typically) be given a discount on orders placed through affiliates (ex 10%)

- The delivery information must be predefined according to the affiliates information (ex ?Thursday Thursday in the chess-clubs? meetingroom? or ?the first Monday in each month in the Cafeteria). This text should be shown to the customer instead of the customer being able to input his own deliveryaddress.

- The relation to the affiliate should be saved with the rest of the customer information, and remembered for the next shopping session.


And the following effect on the admin module;

- administrator can maintain affiliates; ie. Name, address, phonenumber, delivery-information (free-text), discount-percentage.

- Administrator can extract a list of all orders from a given affiliate

- Administrator can see the total turnover generated through a given affiliate, preferably for a givn period of time (ex 3 months from the 1st of Jan to the 31st og March)


As mentioned, it?s not required that the customer specifies an affiliate, it?s just an option; thus everybody can shop in the store, even though they would pay freight and wouldn?t get any specifal discounts.


Any feedback on which parts of the system which will need to be customized - and to what extend - would be greatly appreciated.


Best Regards

Sune Kaae


Orange Web Company

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