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No more sales


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After transfering my site to OSC I have found that in 3weeks I have got a huge sale count of 5! When with my last site I was getting at least 3 a day. Seems OSC is 100% upgrade from my last site I can't see the reason for my sales drop. If someone could visit my site or if someone has a similar experience or even just flame the hell out of me I might be able to get my sales started again in this great team effort program.




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Quick question, is it just your sales that have dropped off or have page views dropped as well?


What I'm thinking is, if you have only just changed your entire site, that search engines that had listed for example a pair of shoes as having the url of


would no longer find the shoes as the url will be no longer on your server.


Try redirecting your 404's to the home page of your site (or 404's from specific asked for directories that used to exist) and see what happens. The good news is the spiders will come back and re-index your new osc site.


Also, I had a quick look at your site and I think you should get rid of the splash page (or at the very least redesign it). The osc part of the site looks ok, but the splash page doesn't. Also when I view the splash page at 800 x 600, the "Enter Here" link is not apparent until I scroll.


With the home page of the cart, get rid of the housekeeping news such as "Our web server crashed". As a potential customer, this is not the sort of news I would like to see whilst contemplating whether or not to hand over my credit card. I'd be thinking, "we're they hacked, did they lose any orders, etc". Put things like the guest postage quote in to a generic "shipping" page. Always ask yourself before doing anything related to customer service, "how would amazon do it?"

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Thank very kindly for your comments.. I must admit I do tend to tell the end user far to much.. Too honest for my own good I think


Would I have to move my dir structure to my root dir or can you just direct people to the main index page? I know how to java redirect but then I would need some page incase the index does not redirect?


I will look into the 404 redirection as I don't have clue..

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