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USPS module - OSC2.2 MS2 Help Needed


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I am trying to get the USPS module to start working correctly. I see the code in USPS in modules:

$http = new httpClient();

if ($http->Connect($usps_server, 80)) {

$http->addHeader('Host', $usps_server);

$http->addHeader('User-Agent', 'osCommerce');

$http->addHeader('Connection', 'Close');


if ($http->Get('/' . $api_dll . '?' . $request)) $body = $http->getBody();


And I have read on the forums that you have to set that dll URL in the ADMIN, but I will be a son of a gun if I can find that. I have registered online with USPS and installed the USPS module. But, I just keep getting this error:

"An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations.

If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner."


I have tried setting it to test and production. Neither works. What am I missing?


Take Care, Sharon

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After doing many, many searches for info in the archives, I finally found a post that answered my problem. It stated that the 'test' version of the USPS software does not work. The post told me how to put the store into production mode by contacting USPS. Once I did that and changed it to production in ADMIN, everything works great. Too bad the search engine on this site is not better. A lot of these questions would be answered prior to asking them.


Take Care, Sharon

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