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The e-commerce.

[b]where are the product images stored on my server?[/b]


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Ok, this sounds like a really simple solution right? Well for the life of me i cannot figure this out. I haved looked in all the directories that images are stored in for the oscommerce 2.2 ms 1.


I did the obvious and rightclicked a image that rendered in a browser and it states http://www.lingustech.com/store/images as the path...problem is no product images are there. I then searched the entire folder for any images...nothing.


The reason why i ask is i a upgrading my store to 2.2 ms 2 MAX. I uploaded a uncompressed sql database backup file hoping i would be able to find the images folder and copy to my new server....


If anyone has a solution i am all ears i have been searching the newsgroups for days trying to find information on where product image files get stored. :evil:




Kelly P Fitzgerald


[email protected]

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I actually found the images, seems that when u upload images through the OS admin interface it changes teh permissions and if it isnt your server (webhost) then you may lose your images (change permissions)


Thanks to me



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