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Products not associated with categories...


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Hi Everyone,

We recently imported an old shop database into the OsCommerce database and some of the products from our old database aren't associated with categories yet. However, they are associated with Manufactuers.


Is there a way in the admin to associate these products with a category? I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Thanks in advance!





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Hello John,


I'm not sure how to do it from admin, because frankly I have stopped using it as I found out it's really easy to do it manually by editing the mysql database yourself.


The table you are referring to is products_to_categories, and if your products aren't in there they won't show up on your website, at least they won't be searchable.


products_to_categories has two fields, products_id en categories_id. you can read the products_id from the table products_description and the categories_id from categories_description. Now that you know the products_id and the categories_id, you can input that into the table and from then on your products are linked to the categories. It would of course be a lot handier if you were to make the necessary changes to the original data and then import it 'en masse'.

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