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The e-commerce.

Add or import customers from previous store


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I'm looking to change over to osCommerce from an Actinic package, and wonder if there is a way I can either import into os Commerce (preferably) or manually (long job) add my customers details from the previous package?

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It's not too difficult to import your customers file in osCommerce. It's mostly a matter of creating a CSV file with the proper columns, then importing that in osCommerce.


There are three tables in the base you need to look at:

  • customers



  • The easiest is to create a CSV (in any spreadsheat program) for each table.

Then import directly using phpMyAdmin.

Christian Lescuyer

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OK, I've created the csv file, but............


a) Please advise where address_book is located (got the other two)

B) How do I know what fields/headers to create for the csv file ?

c) Sorry but I don't know where to even begin with phpMyAdmin - help!

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Let's begin with phpMyAdmin. I imagine your ISP gave you a login/password to get there?

You will see the database tables in the left frame. You'll find all three tables (alphabetical order). Click on their names, and you'll get information in the right frame.


"Structure" will give you the name of the fields. Your CSV file should have the same headers in the same order.

""Browse" will give you an example of the format.


For an easier start, use "Export." It will give you the first line with the example:

Database catalog - Table address_book running on localhost 

"1";"1";"m";"ACME Inc.";"John";"Doe";"1 Way Street";;"12345";"NeverNever";;"223";"12"

Christian Lescuyer

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