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Contribution to insert cost


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Is there any type of contribution that would allow the shop owner to list their cost when they are inputting thier product in order to be able to develop reports cost vs retail? I've seen this in other systems, but I had never heard any kind of discussion and was unaware of a contribution like this. If not are there any ideas on how I might go about developing a modification like that? Nothing complicated, just an added item in the product input that of course would not be visible outside of the admin and add the line item to the db.


It was posed to me by a customer, so I thought I would check first.



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I saw two boxes. One marked "net" and one marked "gross", but when I type an amount in the "net" box, it auto populates the gross box. Am I looking in the wrong place. I don't see any other options on the product insert screen to enter "cost". I have ms2 freshly loaded with a few basic mods. I've pasted below a copy of my product input screen.


Products Status: In Stock Out of Stock


Date Available:



Products Manufacturer: --none--


Products Name:




Tax Class: --none--Taxable Goods

Products Price (Net): [auto populates gross]

Products Price (Gross):


Products Description:



Products Quantity:


Products Model:


Products Image:


Products URL:

(without http://)




Products Weight:

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Those two inbox for prices are just what there say..




Net + TAX = Gross


Unless of course you like to use the gross a selling price, and use the net as Cost price... But I would NOT if I where you...

unless you sell product that DO NOT HAVE TAX...

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  • 3 weeks later...

How would one create a box for the cost in both the admin and in the database to store this info?


and is it possible to do something similar to the two boxes in MS2 where you could have:


Sell price-Cost Price=Gross profit


Thanks for you help

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Thats ok 99% of the time the price goes down so it doesnt really matter. i would like the cost so that if someone asks me if i can better the price or if i find a cheaper price somewhere else i can modify my sell price imediatly without having to search through tons of diffrent price lists look for the cost.


it would also be good to have a box for supplier maybe so that i can remember which supplier had the cheaper price for that particular item.

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