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No images from outside, OK from LAN


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:o Hi,


When I connect from my LAN, everything looks fine and loads quickly.


From outside, loading is painfully slow and the images never appear. The status line starts at about "30 items remaining" and slowly counts down to zero. The status line also shows the gif's it's trying to download.


It seems to take forever for each gif and they never do appear.


If I right click on an "X-in-a-box" and click Show Picture, the box disappears but the image never shows up.


I don't think this is a rights problem since when I'm on the LAN as any user, everything works fine.


Any ideas?


Thanks, Ed

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:( One thing I should mention is that my isp blocks port 80. To get around this, I use a different port.


It works well for everything else I've tried.


I don't know if this has anything to do with the problem.


But the images are simply not being sent outside of my LAN (works great inside).


There is no indication of any firewall blocking in my syslog so it does not appear to be a firewall problem.


Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Thanks, Ed

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