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[Contribution] Multiple Flat Shipping Rates


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This is a simple hack to add multiple flat shipping rates.


Made for OSC 2.2 MS1


(Should work for MS2, post here if it works!)


My first contribution, worked after 1st install.


Examples are included, but you do not have to use them. Kinda blurred through the instructions, but after you read the first part you will figure it out.


questions: [email protected] or post here.


Get the contrib here:



Quick but notable thanks to all of the developers here, and Linda McGrath


Jesse Rooney

Jesse Rooney

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Thanks for the time you put into your Contrib! It helped a lot. I saw Linda's post where she explained how to do it, but being a php novice, the examples you provided was a great shove in the right direction. I needed 2 flat rates: 1 for US, and 1 for outside US so your "outsideus.php" was dead on. I have MS2 installed, so I compared your default flat.php to mine, they were identical, so I simply uploaded the outsideus module file and language file and away I went! I don't know if you are aware or not, but in the interest of providing some feedback: in the language files you have "MODULE_SHIPPING_xxxxxxxx_DESCRIPTION" defined where actually "MODULE_SHIPPING_xxxxxxxx_TEXT_DESCRIPTION" is what is needed...at least for me. I saw what I needed to do and fixed it without problems. Also (as you alluded to in your post) your "read me" seems unnecessarily complex. Please don't think me ungrateful or nitpicky, I just figured you would like some constructive feedback.


Since the two flat rates are the only shipping options I offer, I am now working on automating the method selection process. Basically I'm going to try and do something in "checkout_shipping.php" like "If $county=United States use flat.php else, use outsideus.php". This way customers won't be able to screw up and select the wrong rate..I guess I would see it in the order email I receive, but this way I won't ever have to worry about not catching it or having to contact the customer to tell them they screwed up (it will also help me improve my php knowledge). If you have any suggestions on how to do this, let me know, otherwise, I'll just bumble my way through it until I get it right.


Thanks again for the contribution; it was great, especially for a first one. It was a huge help.

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks for this great contrib Resoman, it has really helped me out.


Thanks also to Flood6, your post was very helpful to me and as I came across it before installing the contrib I was able to avoid alot of trial and error - everything went smoothly.


Storm :D

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  • 7 months later...

tkx for this contrib, but i seem to have a problem...


this is what shows up under the shipping "titles":


Afhaling/Gratis levering



Levering met voorafbetaling



Levering, betaling courier



Weekend levering



what did i do wrong? :unsure:


tkx in advance


(I used the examples in the contrib, and just translated the language files...didn't change any filenames or whatsoever)

Edited by vickster
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