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Multiple OSCommerce sites/ same product database


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hi everybody, wanted to see if anybody had ideas- i need to set up multiple websites that use the same product database, but the invoicing and all other aspects of the database remain seperate.... if i go into the configure.php file, it allows to alter the database, but if i call to the same one, whenever someone makes an order off of the second site, it will show in the admin as the order coming from the first one. any ideas?


i had thought about maybe a synchronizing PHP script that would kick in when a product got added in the admin, that way both seperate databases would have the same products, but no way to verify copies, these databases will handle large amounts of products and transactions a day.


thanks for any help in advance!!

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What you are asking to be done has been asked before... but hasn't been done yet. There are so many different aspects to make this happen, its mind boggling.


You are basically talking about re-writing almost the entire code to encompass this functionality. Each specific store would have to be modified to search for items ONLY pertaining to that specific stiore. And the database would have to be modified to be able to distinguish one stores information versus the other.


There are some "Mall" type contributions available. You may want to look into that.


Have a great day!



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thanks for taking the time answer back!


actually a bit more simpler than that- i don't want to seperate the products. all stores would use the same products. when i try altering the configuration for all sites to use the same database, the problem i have is that all orders/invoices show the same purchase-site origin, but i need them to show seperate sites to keep accounting in order.

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I have done what I think is the opposite to what you want. I have the same store using the same db but with different 'products' - (i have properties) in different sections.

To do this I copied my install of osc to new directorys, created new products and categories tables and then altered application_top.php to point the relevant db tables to the new ones.

have a look at:



You should be able to do the same by just creating new configuration tables? prefix them with the store name and under each osc directory update your application_top.php to use these config tables.

Let me know if it works or you need any help.

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