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I have noticed that when i fill out the new customer form it askes for the Sate. even if you match the state and submit it returns a error and then askes the customer to select his state now from a drop down box.


I deleted all but two countries US & Canada. & would rather have US come up first by default. if I did this would the US states be available right away?


how do I fix this?

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I must be using a different version (i'm using oscommerce 2.2 ms1) to the one posted in the other thread, as that code isn't in catalog/create_account.php but is in catalog/create_account_process.php.


Anyway I commented out the code and the error is fixed.


I haven't had a chance to test whether the change affects anything else in the sign up process, but it all seems to work for now. - Thank you!

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By commenting it out I think you can enter in just about anything in the state field and have it accept it. So you could enter an invalid state code like MM instead of MI or something. For me it is really a non-issue because I ship by zip code anyway, besides if someone does not know the abbeviation for what state they live in I question whether or not I should really be doing business with them in the first place. :lol:

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