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AuthorizeNet 1.0 for AIM - shipping over 30 days


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I have installed the AuthorizeNet Consolidated v-1.0 for AIM, and it seems to be working fine in test mode. However, I am anticipating a problem when I go live and need some advice.


The Probem:

The products I sell are made-to-order, custom, pieces of ornamental iron, which take more than 30 days to fabricate. If I modify the authorizenet_direct.php in the contribution, so the line for the transaction type is:

x_Type => 'AUTH_ONLY',

that only gives me 30 days to complete the capture process with AuthorizeNet. In that period of time, most of my orders will expire, and I will have to start all over again for each order. I called AuthorizeNet and asked if there was a way to extend the deadline for capture of funds to over 30 days, and they told me there was not. I'm stuck.


I appears that I will have to capture all the customer's data, including credit card number, using the "Credit Card" (cc.php, not AuthorizeNet) module, store it, and then submit all the credit card information BY HAND for each order, using the AuthorizeNet virtual terminal, just prior to shipment. What a mess that would be if I get a lot of orders!! (Nice problem to have, but, still, I do like to sleep.) Besides, I really, really do not like having possession of other people's credit card numbers.


It looks like I will have to live with holding the credit card data, but Is there any contribution that can be used to convert the data captured using the cc.php module to a form that can later be used to send a AUTH_CAPTURE AIM transaction to AuthorizeNet?


If such a contribution does not yet exist, does anyone have plans to develop one? I may wind up having to write a chunk of conversion code myself, but I'm just not that confident of my programming skills. In a bind, I will give it a try, but it would be nice for someone to be on my side as a partner/critic/mentor. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Tim B.

Artisans of the Ironwork Guild

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