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htaccess auth invoked Billions and Billions of Tiimes!!!!


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I have this interesting but puzzling problem. When I enable .htaccess basic authentication it takes my password one or two times then displays the admin menu. Then when I hit a link on the menu it asks for the password many many many times. One can cancel on all these and get to a menu. Click another menu item, which redirects to another admin page, and the same sequence happens all over again - many many password dialogs in a row.


Its like .htaccess isnt recursive. The manual says under "why you have to enter the password twice sometimes" that a redirect to a slightly different URL causes this. But they propose it only happens one extra time (and indeed I've seen that double authentication required many times over the years). I wonder if MS2 has more redirects that previous versions?


Or have I caused more redirects somehow because of the way I built configure.php?


Has anybody seen this phenomena before?

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I found the problem. It has to do with the file the passwords are kept in. I had called it something different and used an apache directive to make apache read that different file instead of the standard one. But the apache directive wasnt actually working (yes, I restarted httpd). As soon as I moved the file to the standard one everything started working fine. Oh well, so much for getting creative. That'll "learn me". ;)

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