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New to oscommerce inventory question


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This is the first store software I've tried, and maybe I'm expecting too much, so someone tell me if I am.


It seems that in the admin section, the inventory and product control is pretty poor. Let's give an example, so you can tell me if I'm off base.


I want to sell shirts. I have white and blue. Size Small and Large. I have 5 small white and 10 small blue in stock. I have 6 large white and 2 large blue in stock.


So under my product "shirt" I can assign the blue/white options and the smalll/large options, but there is no way to specify how many of an actual combo? I mean, you need to keep track of how many of each color/size you have in stock.


Looking at other sites, they make an individual product for every size/color combination, I guess to facilitate this. This seems like a pretty dumb way since it wastes all that screen space displaying the same thing over an over.


And for inventory control, do you have to go back and edit the product description and change that "quantity" field when you have more in stock? It there no overall inventory page that edits/tells you these things?


I mean it seems really lacking in the overall product/inventory side of things. I don't want to get too far into this if it doesn't work.


Here's another question. Does it actually re-size a products image smaller when you upload it for the small image, or is it just sending image w/h to make it appear smaller on page load. Can't check right now, and that just occured.


Another, and I'm going to go look in contributions, but is there a way to do minimum orders? I need to specify x number of things to purchase any.


Any thoughts/help ?



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Yes you will find these things in the contributions area. The stock control though doesn't seem to work with attributes (sizes, colours etc.) and although there is a thread under contributions on this subject I am as yet unclear whether a working version has been contributed.


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This is exactly the question I was looking for! I NEED the same exact thing, I am contemplating using oscommerce after finding out Miva merchant which I had started to set up only will do this with a $321 add on module.


I sell different sizes and colors of the same product and can't list them all as individual items or I would have one ridiculously long drawn out website.


So looks like the answer is no? I'll go hunt in the contributions but please let me know if anyone knows.

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