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I just installed oscommerce and i think its great i just have one question i cannot find in the documentation and it is probably somthing stupid im over looking.


I am formatting all my product pics down to 150x150 in jpeg format, after i do that and when i click the click here to inlarge i get the same size pic, its not any bigger. What do I need to do to point to the bigger picture? is that what the picture url is for when you enter a new product?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Im thinking about this myself, I seem to find my pictures are getting scrunched into squares when they are not and it doesnt look right for some products, but the "click to enlarge" shows the original pick unsized.


I think what you need to do is make them squares the size you want them to display when you "click to enlarge" and let the program do the resizing.


If you make them 150x150 and they are resized by the html to that size they are not going to get any bigger. They are the same picture

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I got it thanks guys, what i did is i have diffrent size pictures to load and thats where i was having my problem so I took the jpg's that i have and loaded them in photoshop, my biggest was 420x420 so what i did was saved the 420x420 and any pics smaller than that i put on a canvas at 420x420 and loaded them all in oscommerce, the html sized them all evenly while they were on the canvas. I dont know if i explained that right for you guys but it works well.


Thanks for your help

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