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Turn off Shipping Completely


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I'm setting up OS Commerce, but ran into a snag with the shipping. I have many items that ship via truck freight and I need to call the company to get rate quotes. Is there anyway to completely disable the shipping function?


I'd like it to come up to the shipping page and say something like "shipping charges will be added once we determine the best methods to send your product. A revised invoice will be sent with the shipping charges included."


Is there any way to do that? The only things I could think of were to use the flat rate and set it to $0, but then people will think they are getting free shipping, or to use multi vendor shipping and set things up so the majority of products would show UPS or USPS shipping and the big ones would have a flat rate of $0. Then put a big note on the pages that shipping will be added later. Any other suggestions are appreciated. I'd really prefer just to disable the shipping completely.



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Well, to turn of shipping you can go to admin>modules>shipping and set the status of all the shipping options to false. To give a message you could turn on lets say the flat rate shipping option and edit the /catalog/includes/modules/flat.php or catalog/includes/languages/[language]/modules/flat.php and add some text to it.

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Set the products to virtual (ie as in the case of downloadable).


Add text wrt to the additoin of frieght charges upon quotation.


Be aware using online credit cad processing that there will now be multiple transactions, neither being the total amount due.

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