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XE Real Time Currency conversion - Safe?


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Right now I am using a link to XE.com's Personal Currency assistant to have real-time currency conversion on my oscommerce site. I've put the link in the shopping cart box on the main pages.


The XE system seems to use a CGI to pop-up the convertor and automatically refresh the shop page behind the popup - ie. popup is controlled by cgi not any javascript in the oscommerce page.


My question is: is it safe to have this link? I am passing $cart->show_total() to the convertor in the link so that it does the conversion automatically. Are there any session/security related dangers to doing this?



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Since it's a one-way communication (ie: you're not running an applet from XE.com within OSC) it should be fine. XE shouldn't be able to get database or variable access that you haven't given it.


On a different note, how are you doing this? Would you be willing to post the code? I was going to code something similar but haven't gotten around to it yet.





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Thanks for the reply.


I can't really take any credit for coding this - it's all available on XE.com's website. The code I am using in the shopping cart box simply adds another line to the infobox:


  $info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'center',

                                'text' => '<a href="http://www.xe.com/pca/launch.cgi?Amount='.$cart->show_total().'&From=GBP">Convert total</a>'



The total of the cart is automatically passed to XE when the user clicks the Convert Total link. I have also hard coded the shop currency to GBP, since that's what we use, but then the user can convert that amount into whatever they want.


Hope this helps

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