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The e-commerce.

Feedback welcome


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I just glanced at it quick and found a few things.


Definately change the header, a better header would really improve your site. Also, get rid of the stock table backgrounds, and you might want to find some buttons that better match your site.

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I agree, the header does need replacing with something a bit slicker, as it is it looks like something you'd knock up in MS Word's Wordart function 6 years ago!


Other than that it's neat and tidy.

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Hi Macki,


looks very nice! (you already know you HAVE TO change the header)



I would add buy now buttons in the product listing, so people don't have to view product detail every time before they can buy (Costumers who want to buy a lot will be very irritated by the slowdown otherwise).



There is something wrong with the currency switch, if I visit your page and try to switch to euro's (without switching language!) I get a 404 error page! :?

Probably a osC bug.

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Thanks for the comments. The header is not mine, I had to use it, but I will tell my client to change it.


The 404 error is an osc bug, but it doesn't show up everywhere. I fixed it:

Here's a sample solution:


in catalog/boxes/currencies.php and languages.php



tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF), ....



tep_href_link(basename($pself, ....


above it add:


$pself = basename($PHP_SELF);

if($pself == '' || $pself == '/' ||$pself == 'catalog')


$pself = 'index.php';





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I think what is imortant with the header is that not only does it dominate and look crummy - it tells a visitor absolutely nothing about the site. They know the URL, they will have just keyed it in or click it as a link!


It is a wasted opportunity as it stands...

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