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Products do not display in category


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Calling all OSCommercialists,


Every time I select a product category, the resulting display page appears, yet it doesnt show me a product listing, even though it says:

Let's See What We Have Here Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products) Result Pages: ?1


Has anybody any idea why this might be.


I'm very confused, so any help would be greatly appreciated,


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  • 2 months later...

I have the same problem.

If the category contains one item the product is'nt displayed.

The same if u search, and the search only finds one match. It will not display the product.


I just dont know what to do, hope there is an expert that can help with this?


Thx to u all

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It might help if one of you could post a URL at which we could look to see the problem. Also, it would help if you could have category counts turned on (this is the usual default).




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Hi and thx alot.


hope u can help, I have postet a link directly to the page where the problem is.

The link is to a catagory witch only have one product, so it says that there is one product but as u cab see there is no product to be showed.



My Webpage


again thx because u will try to help :-)



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Is it possible that you add a sub-category and products under one category?

Under a category you can add sub-categories or products not both



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I have no sub-category in any of my categorys, but the categorys u see in my shop now where sub-categorys under a category that was called "dvd", but I moved them all to the root and deleted the category called "dvd".


Could that be the reason?

thx for reply :)

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there can not be any products in the root (you cant list products in the categories area)


just finish looking at your site, what live help mod are you useing?




*Outlined in chalk everone looks the same*


Currently useing OSC 2.2 MS1

running on Apache/1.3.27 (Unix) (Red-Hat/Linux) mod_jk/1.2.0 mod_perl/1.26 PHP/4.3.3 FrontPage/5.0.2 mod_ssl/2.8.12 OpenSSL/0.9.6b

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sry, I dont have any products in root, I only have categoryes.

But i did move my sub-categoryes to the root.


I use chat2.0, but it is rather slow, there can go uo to several minuts before I'll get the meassage that the custermer has sent, and the same back again.


Back to the thing about my site where it will not display just one product, any ideas?


ps. what u thing of the grafik design? would like some indput :D

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