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DataBase questions OSC2.2 MS2


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Forgive me if all of this has been addressed in the past, but I have tried to use the search to find the information and I got 0 results. I tried posting this in general, but got no replies.


When I go into my database and look at my table for the customer address book (address_book), the entry_state is missing. There is an entry_zone_id, so it could be recreated. (Obviously that is how ADMIN customer display does it because the state is changed from the abbreviation I entered to the complete name.) But it would be a lot nicer if the entry_state was in the database. Then I could easily reformat the info into a regular address book format and keep a customer list for mailings outside OSCommerce.


The element of the database was set up to be null, but I changed it to NOT NULL. That did not make a difference. It still did not show up.


Second question, I have five different entries in my address_format table. Is that normal? I would think that only one was necessary. Oddly enough, state is only mentioned there once and even that entry has $statecomma for that entry. Why the comma ammended to it?


Third question, when does the table counter_history get updated and how?


Fourth, I have to assume that the two customer_basket tables only have entries in them if someone is actively in your store purchasing. Am I right?


And this may be off topic, but what process changes an order from Pending to Delivered. I believe it is me manually changing them once I have shipped it. Would this be automatic if I had a shipping module installed?


Thanks and take care, Sharon

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