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Cache, order status, shipping, PayPal questions


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I tried posting this on the General Forum, with no success. Hopefully I will get some replies here. I have OSC2.2 MS2


What is the cache on the system and what would it do for me or the customer? If I set it up, do I have to do anything other than setup the directory?


I have not been able to get the order status to change past processing, PayPal processing, or pending; depending on what I set the PayPal modules to. My IPN records in the database are sent back with a completed status.


So, I have a few questions on this whole process:

Do I need both PayPal and PayPal IPN modules installed or can I just have IPN installed?

What do I set the original order status for that module to?

How does the order status get changed to Completed or Delivered once the item is shipped?

Manually if I have no shipping modules configured?

Would shipping modules do this automatically?


And lastly, about shipping modules I have a couple questions:

Does anyone have the shipping modules installed and how do they work?

Do you think it is easier to just use the flat rate, table rate, or per item rate for shipping?


I am getting closer to being ready to complete this first store. It has been a MAJOR learning curve. A BIG Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far. Take Care, Sharon

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