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The e-commerce.

im soo confused


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im not familiar with any of the words that you are using or what they mean, such as: ftp, scripts and other stuff. i dont know where to start, i looked at the wiki documents and those didnt help because i had no idea what they were talking about. i just want to start up my business and coustomize oscommerce's look. if you have anything that could help me i would really apperciate it. thanks.


this is what i have so far:



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No offense intended but if "FTP" and "script" are terms that are foreign to you then you may be in a bit over your head. Much of the customizing involves the ability to edit the script files(these are text files that are run like a program when executed from a command line or via the web. Knowing the PHP scripting lang is a plus but not needed since many of the help docs show you what code to replace and what to replace it with, modifying your site will include editing PHP script files. Knowing HTML is also a plus. Wish I had an easy answer for you but I dont, sorry.

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FTP means File Transfer Protocol. Somehow you got your site online so you must have got it there some how. I use WSFtp and CuteFtp to send my files to my server.


If you can get the files up and running that's half the first problem sorted.


Looks like you're going to learn a lot very quickly.


What do you want to do next?


The focus for the longest journey could equaly be the way you walk or you destination.


Keep walking but be prepared to slow down a bit.



facts invariably distort the truth

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