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Link browser heading to product name


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I would like to have the heading on the browser linked to the product name so that when a product page is viewed, the browser will display the name of the product as the title.

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I don't know exactly how to do it but, use the search ability it has been talked over during the last week. That's whatit's there for :wink:


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The 'Header Tags Controller' contribution will do it for you AND increase your search engine rankings too!




The following thread will show you how to add the name (as per original question), though I personally think it's worth the effort of installing the above contribution.






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I tried searching but I don't know exactly how everyone else would word it which makes it hard to search for lol
Just look at what words you absolutely need. In this case, you want to put the product name in the title. I would start by thinking about product, name, and title. From there, notice that name is probably extraneous, so try *product*title*. Then browse the subjects until you find one that looks likely. I think that Tony's link is posted in the second page of results.




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