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What's New - slight problem


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I notice that the product listed on the main page under "What's New" is the same one that's been there since I began inputting information into the cart. I've since added a lot of new products.


How do I get that photo to change to the actual new products I've added?

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It should change - perhaps a modification you have made has broken it?


Make sure that in admin>configuration>maximum values that 'Selection of Random New Products" has a value greater than 1

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I've only added 1 modification to date -- the CVV modification -- so I don't think that did it .. I hope not :)


"selection of random new products" is set to 10.


If you click on the little arrow, the page opens to a page filled with new stuff :) It's just that photo on the main page ....


Which brings to mind ... "new products for August" works fine but nothing showing there (I have it set to 6 products) is showing up on the main page in the "what's new" box ....

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