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Help! Email Modification


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Hi All,

I searched for this and come up with nothing same in the WIKI.


Where do I find the file where I can modify what emails say when sent.


Like the stattus of an order email and such.


Not the email where I can send to customers from admin.


The ones that are sent automatically when the status changes and the tell-a-friend message that accompanies the text from the customer.


I'm using the spanish language and when I ever I get emails from my tests the spanish characters apear as the ascii version and not the right letter.


I get this:

é ñ ó

When it supposed to be:

? ? ?


Can somebody tell me where these files are so I can modify them?

Samuel Mateo, Jr.

osC 2.2 MS2

Installed Mods:

WYSIWYG HTMLArea 1.7 | Basic Template System 1.0 | osC-Affiliate | OSC-SupportTicket

Featured Products 1.3 | LoginBox 5.2 | LatestNews 1.1.3 | Extras for IE

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  • 5 months later...

The order confirmation email subject is...

Actualización del Pedido


it should be..

Actualizaci?n del Pedido


I am guessing the spanish characters have been replaced for a reason which is why I don't want to just replace them in orders.php


Anyone know why they are not being interpreted as they should be?

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