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Installed, Editing, designing, confused: Prod Options/Value


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Simple question.... I think


My product is a very field intensive thing and I am a little unsure how to develop the data fierlds. Exactally what is the difference between product otions and values?


If you could address any of these issues the first one would be... How to organize the product otions and how do I associate an individual option with the different variables.


If I have a jacket which is available in 14 sizes and within those 14 sizes there are 3 different prices [steps]. That same jacket could also be available in 2 different materials thus again affecting the price.


So really I need to know how to add the sizes in a drop down menu that will change the price as necessicary anf material drop down which will again affect the price.


Now that I have written this down I realize that this is a lot harder than I thought.


Any and all help is appreciated. Speak often I will answer as quickly as possible

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Create Option Names of Size and Material (or Fabric, etc.). Now, create option values for each size and material, remember to associate each value with Size or Material as appropriate. Presumably you already have the products (if not, create them, or at least one, before proceeding; generally, it's simplest if you set the product to the cheapest version).


Now, create an attribute for the standard version of the product. First, select the Product from the list. Second, select the appropriate option name (e.g. Size). Third, select the option value corresponding with the standard version of the product. Fourth, leave the prefix alone and set the price to zero. Now repeat those three steps with the other option name (e.g. Material). Now, if you go to the product page, it will show you those options for the product.


The next step is to repeat this with options that are a different price. In that case, you would pick the value price to be the price difference with getting that option versus getting the standard. If it is more expensive with this option, then the prefix should be + (i.e. you are adding the value price to that of the product if picked). If it is less expensive, then the prefix should be - (i.e. you are subtracting when that attribute is picked). Now, you can fill in all the different values.


Note: this method only allows you to select a static attribute value. For example, you may want the difference between the two fabrics to be greater if the suit is a size 14 than if it is a 4. If so, you won't be able to use two option names. Instead, you will have to have one: Size/Material or whatever. Then, you will need to have 28 values. You will also need to do this if you don't want some sizes to appear when certain materials are picked but not others.




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