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Is there a contribution for alternate product option lists?


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I need to be able to list a product with multiple options (sizes, colors, etc...) without using a drop down matrix. Is there away to list these as "subproducts"? Say you have a shoe and it comes in size 5 through 14. I need to be able to list all of those sizes without creating new products for each one just so it has a purchase button.


I think I have seen that some shops are setup with the main product using a catagory for its listing then the sub products are actually just products with no image and they have modded the catalog to have a "buy now" icon next to the product listing. This could be useable for me but its a bit unweildy. the shop I am making a demo for to get them to switch to this software has over 7,000 products on their site now.


the way their backend works right now is you have a page for products. so lets say I add the shoe as a product. then there is another page for the sub products. the shoe would show up on that page as a sub product "container" you would click on the add sub products for that shoe and then it would only have the sub products for that shoe listed. is there any way to convert the matrix drop downs for options that we have now into something like that?


or would I just be better off creating a bunch of sub catagories as products and then the actuall products as the "sub products"?




shoes <------catagory



| running shoe by "runningman shoes" <----catagory



|running man shoe sz 5 <-prod.

|running man shoe sz 6 <-prod.

|running man shoe sz 7 <-prod

|running man shoe sz ....


thats how we would have to do it now if I didn't want to use drop downs yes?



any help would be appreciated and I appologize if this is not the right forum for this. I'm a little new at this software and community ;)


Micah M

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