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Payment modules in Admin -- configuring paypal and 2checkout


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Is there supposed to be anything to the right of the Modules, Sort Order, Status, and Action columns in the "Payment modules" section of the Admin tool? I don't see anything there.


I remember there being a place where there was a sample CC #, etc.


Did something disappear from my Admin tool? Do I need to input my 2checkout seller ID anywhere in osCommerce? My store is to the point where I get to both the 2checkout and paypal sites in order to pay, but I'm not sure how to "go live."


...anyone care to clarify?

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This is the contribution I installed:



I am not sure if that may have caused the change in osC admin? It's strange, because all of the other sections seem to appear "normally:"


For example, when I click onto United States Postal Service in shipping, there are options in the right column. When I click on Order total, each option has some kind of info in the right column. But in payment, there is no rt column, and I'm not sure how to make sure that Paypal and 2checkout know who I am.


Everything may be working fine, I just don't know how to check. For example, when I click through and select Paypal, I get an error on the page https://secure.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr "Cannot find server or DNS Error" That might be osC, it might be PayPal, and it might be my configuration of osC, dunno...


When I try 2checkout, I get all the way through and process a sample, order, but I don't know if I needed to put any information into osC, so that 2checkout knows who I am (like my seller number). Tips?


It seems that the "missing" area of my admin, if it is indeed missing, would enable me to switch from test to production mode and go live with my site. I'm ready to "go live," and I'm hoping the forum can help me clear this hurdle.


I'll check at paypal and 2checkout, but I want to check here at osC as well, to cover all bases.


Thanks for the input,


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So, I tried taking a step back, and I inserted my backup files for pm2checkout.php. There is still nothing in the right column in my osC admin, when I go to the my payment modules.


Also, at 2checkout, I don't have anything set to demo mode.


I'm pretty stuck here, any clues...would be greatly appreciated!




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OK here are some possibilities:


A) Somehow, my install of osC is now broken, and I don't have the possibility to switch to "live" mode anymore. Solution:

Reinstall osC from scratch, start over, and see is I get through the install and changes without losing the functionality in osC. Or solution: my install can be fixed or checked rather easily.


B) My install is fine, and osC is acting as it should. Then, I just don't know how to put the thing into "live" mode, and maybe someone could let me know?


Cravin' to join the ecommerce scene!


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Well, I got this message from the 2Checkout folks today,



The reason your cart is in Demo is because you still have the default 2CO

account number in the cart. You need to change that to your account number.

Logon to the OSC Admin that you setup, then go to Modules >> Payment Modules

>> 2Checkout then click EDIT and put your Seller ID number in the

Login/Store Number section.



So, that solves that mystery for me, because there is no rt column in my osCommerce admin -- so I can't click edit, because "edit" is not there.


Now that I know that my osC admin is not functioning properly, how could that have happened? Has anyone else had anything similar happen? Could it be due to the http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,904 contribution?


Is there a fix? Would it create an unstable situation if I were to download the latest snapshot of osC and just swap the admin files?


Do you recommend I start from scratch?


Looking forward to your responses,


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