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add products page in admin


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Hi ,


I would like some assistance with a field that i have added to my database.. basically i have some products that have 2 sets of names. So say Product A is called " this is the best product i ever had" the way i have it in my database is that it has to fields, in product_descriptions in the Sql database,, called products_name ( which is already there as a default) i have created a new field called products_name2.


I my Admin Page where i add a new product i am able to see the extra box (products_name2)


and i am able to add a new name in on the product so i would have a line like:


Line 1: This is the best product

Line2 : i ever had


I am able to add the the twn field names and they show up fine in the preview ne products page and also in all the other pages on the site as you view the products..


The problem i have is when i go back into admin and edit the product all i see in the edit page is the first line and not the second line. the second line is empty... could anyone shed some light please... this is the code i have in admin/include/module/product_new_edit.php file just under the line 1 code



 <?php  .tep_draw_input_field ('products_name2[' .$languages[$i] [' id'].']');?>



i need to also make the size of the box big as is show just as a small box.


the code i have is 'style=width "482"'




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