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Keeping osCommerce current


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Hi all,


I am curious, if the board could post strategies for keeping osCommerce current.


This question comes up, because I'm not sure a) what snapshot I have and B) when I should "upgrade" and how.



I checked my files, and they start with things like:


$Id: checkout_process.php,v 1.125 2003/02/16 13:21:43 thomasamoulton Exp $




$Id: info_shopping_cart.php,v 1.19 2003/02/13 03:01:48 hpdl Exp $


I also checked in my admin utility, and even though, upon download, I knew which "snapshot" I was using, I have now forgotten.


So, is there a procedure for checking which snapshot I'm using? Am I missing something totally obvious here?



That leads to: when I should "upgrade" and how? So, I've now inserted my header as well as a left-side navigation bar. I've installed live shipping lookup for "media rate," and I am now in the process of changing how osC works with 2checkout. I'm sure other folks have added a ton of features, changed the look, etc. So, how does one go about keeping all of ones personal modifications, contributions, etc., and yet keep osC current?


Would the procedure be to start fresh from a clean install, and then apply all of ones changes to that installation?


Just curious,


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Upgrading is not an easy task. Be sure to make backups of code and db. I suggest starting with the lastest milestone MS2 and adding your mods to it, one at a time and testing to make sure each works. Check to see if the contribution has been updated for MS2 (if not you may have problems).


As to which version yo9u have, I am not sure how to tell exactly. It of course depends on when you downloaded it. If you (as I did) just used the daily snapshot on the day I decided to start using OSC, then it is likely not a milestone version.


In any event, if you are using a CVS snapshot and not MS1 or OSC2.1 then there is no (to my knowledge) upgrade routine. So I came up with my own: see http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/viewtopic.php...er=asc&start=10 bottom of page 2 to see how I did it. There may be other things to consider, but this might get you started.



Boom... Big butta boom.

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It will be less work if you do not have any customer data yet (i.e if you are still setting up and not live yet, or have a small number of clients/orders.)


It was actually more work figuring it out than doing it. If you follow my instructions you should be able to convert the db. If you do not have any customers/orders yet, then you can skip this and use the new db structure with the MS2 release.


Then you can just add your mods into the new code. Use something like Beyond Compare (or similar diff program) to compare your files to the new ones to see what has changed. It would be best to compare the original OSC files you downloaded to the MS2 files first so you can see what has changed between releases and then import your mods or contributions to the new MS2 code.

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