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Manual Order Entry - writing a mod now


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Hi Folks


Soon we will be taking phone orders at our company so we really need a quick and easy manual order entry method. Our aim is to write a mod which will be easy for our operators to enter information. I'm sure lots of other people are looking for something like this.


Our thoughts are to:


1) Enter customers details with a create_account.php type feel through the admin; then


2) Enter the order through something like a mixture between checkout_process.php and the osCommerce 2.2 Order Update Utility.


So far we have written Part 1 - entering customers details through admin. It works great on our pre MS1 shop. Would anybody be interested in trying this on their shop, and testing it further, while we continue writing Part 2 (the order entry system)?


Also, are there any suggestions (or warnings!) on entering customer's info, or orders, through the admin from more experienced PHP coders?


Email me at frank at printzone.com.au and I will send you the add customer mod once it is packaged up with full install instructions etc. Please note this will be for TESTING purposes only and you will be expected to provide feedback.


Keep up the great work people!!

osCommerce user since 2003! :thumbsup:

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How are you guys getting on with this?


I'd love to see where you have got to, my mail is in my details if you want to send me what you have done and I will try it on the test MS2.2 that I am using.

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Hi there,


I'm really interested in such a module.

Since we're taking also 'offline' orders ...


So i'll keep a close eye on this forum and honestly, i can't wait to see the result. If there is anything i can do to help, please let me know.



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