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Linking to products within the cart


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How? :)


Let me explain. Does this cart use cookies? With my current cart, when I first put it active, I found a real severe problem in that if I linked to a product, it would somehow pick up the last customer's information and bring it up for the next customer, due to the cookie or something, because it was a static link with an ID. I'm probably not explaining this technically clearly enough, but you get the gist -- I can no longer link to a specific product and can only link to the main page. It's a pain to see "click here to see the review" and it goes to the main page.


I want to be sure to avoid that with the new cart. I will "remove credit card and cvv" numbers as soon as an order comes in, so nothing is stored, so in theory, nothing should be coming up by 'accident'.


Does this even make sense any more lol.


If you can understand my convoluted explanation -- help :)

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