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Admin panel Error!


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Hello, and thanks for your help in advance.


I was recently installing a bank transfer module for the German language. It required me to overwrite files in the admin panel. The file was order.php. I did this and the admin panel continued to work. I went to the orders to recap a test order I placed and got an order.php error. So I reinstalled the other one. Somehow I uploaded the default empty /admin/includes/configure.php with the dbase info. So, I got a database connect problem. I redid this and the admin panel now works again, EXCEPT, it go to www.domain.com/admin instead of www.domain.com/catalog/admin/. If I add the /catalog/ in the link it works. This is very annoying because when you get to the Modules and everything you have to enter in the /catalog/ for EVERY SINGLE thing you click.


Is there something that would trigger this? I don't even know why it started leaving that out. It might be something I did wrong in the configure.php file. Is there a way to backup my inventory so I can reinstall? I don't want to have to redo all categories, graphics, and format again!





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