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Search Function


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Howdy, all, and thanks in advance for any assistance provided.


The Search function. The Quick Find and Advanced Search both return no results. Even after searching for known words, no results are returned.


Maybe I'm missing something basic. Permissions? Server issue?


Running OSC 2.1 on an Apache server. Any clues?



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If your products_to_categories table does not contain any values then your search results will not turn up with any results. This could easily happen if you manually add the products and have forgotten to update the mentioned table.

If this is your problem, then updating the table will fix it.

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Thanks, Willem. I discuovered the reason eventually.


That could well return no results, but in my case, the answer was because I have no manufacturers in my product table, not product_to_categories. Same thing though. The sql select statement is too hard-wired to a particular database configuration: if you don't use specific tables/fields in the db, then this affects your ability to get search results.


For future users' reference: if no search results, you need to track the building of the $db_query in advanced_search_results.php, and modify according to your situation.


(Now, I get a php warning line when you go straight to the search function from first default.php. I need to find how to register the session if you use the search function after first entering the site.)

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Big_Bob, not sure if it's of any help but perhaps another approach would be -if you don't intend to use manufacturers- to just create a single manufacturer to make osC happy and then link all products to that single manufacturer. That would seem easier then editing the codes.


I've personally changed so many things that I don't even recall what I use manufacturer for but it works somehow :)


Good luck.

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