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No SID Killer for MS2.2 ?? Settings in Admin for Sessions?


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Hi All,


I've been going through the forums looking for info on the spidering of OSC websites. I've got a fresh install of MS2.2 with a few mods. It's my understanding that with MS2.2 there is NO SID Killer mod or similar hack required to have SIDs killed when MS2.2 site is spidered. Is this correct?

What state should the session settings in admin be set to? Do i need a robots.txt file? Is there something i should be updating? Different spiders simulators give different results. This could be for different reasons depending on what version of OSC you have and what hacks/mods you have applied.



Is anyone or interested in putting together a faq that will answer one of the biggest concerns about OSC (has anyone already?) SIDS and spidering. The forums at this point are tad confusing regarding this issue. Too many people talking about too many approaches to too many versions. I am positive people are applying mods etc. that are not needed or should not be applied and i am positive the opposite is true. Mods/hacks that should be applied to particular versions are not. The main reason for this would be that there is no definitive resource available. Again the forums do not supply the efficient (sufficient yes... too much really) info required to tackle this issue. I would love to help put together something that covers the full gamut of Spidering/SE listing issues. Unforetunately i am still in the dark.



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I have the same kinds of questions and concerns, but have had little feedback and like you find the info in the forum rather disjointed. Similar question at...http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/viewtopic.php...ions%2A+spiders


Seems that basic things like this should have some attention (and placed in a central location) from someone since a lot of us are apparently flying blind. Very frustrating.


I liked someone's footer I saw:

The price of OpenSource is your sanity

Boom... Big butta boom.

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