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The e-commerce.

Uploaded images are corrupt


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I just installed oscommerce-2.2ms2 and it looks great. Hopefully it'll become usable so as I can have some fun with it.


However, the unusability factor at this point is that when I upload images, they are appearing corrupted. I have tried several of the "fixes" outlined in other posts on this board, and a few of my own tricks, to no avail. Also I've tried downsizing (in filesize & image size) to see if that might help.


Hopefully someone has a clue as to what might be wrong.


Here's my current configuration:


MySQL 3.23.53

PHP Version 4.3.1


Most of my php options are configured for my virtual host in the httpd.conf. Other php related scripts I run do not seem to have any issues with using HTTP_POST_FILES.


Is there any kind of workaround available that I might could upload the images to my server, then make use of them inside the oscommerce ware?



Trevor Reynolds

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Ok, after looking through some of the bug's, I found some stuff about SetOutputFilter & SetInputFilter being set to PHP. This ended up screwing up my uploads.


Now, that I run virtualhosts, I had a hard time with possibly disabling this for the entire webserver, so my fix was to put the following inside my virtualhost directive.


<Files *.php>

SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

SetInputFilter DEFLATE

#LimitRequestBody 524288

#RequestHeader unset If-Modified-Since


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