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The e-commerce.

Please criticise my store!


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Hello everbody!


I have finally finished my store... we are supposed to sell computers on it... but yet have to upload all our systems/pics/specs etc.


In the mean time our site is still not 'live' and I would appreciate any feedback on our layout, useability, etc.


Here is the url:




Please use the "TEST" account to login and test our site:


Email Address: [email protected]

Password: testing


The design is still far too similar to the stock layout - but hey - if it ain't broke don't fix it! (the stock layout is the standard so I don't really know where to make any changes - but any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!)


Contributions used are as follows:


1. latest news

2. cieto featured products v2.1

3. VAT Display by michelle


5. Reviews on prod info pages v1.0

6. Descriptions in prod listing v2

7. pollbooth v2

8. allprods_2.3

9. Header Tags Controller v2

10. admin with access level 1.2 (but using 2.0's sql file!)

11. PAYPAL IPN v0971

12. NOCHEX 2.2

13. RMA Returns v21

14. header tags admin hack

15. additional_images_1b


I have a Cable modem, so the site loads quite fast - could you kindly tell me how the site loads for you?


Thanks for your abuse :lol: ... sorry I mean 'constructive criticism'! :wink:





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Yeah I am looking to remove the currencies box - but everytime i re-install the database, I have issues with the price resetting to zero... maybe it's because of the VAT contribution?


What I have to do is install GBP in admin, goto the store, select it for the first time (unless someone else does it) and then remove the other currencies! Long-winded or what!


BTW - anyone know of a better font to use? Cant seem to decide or find a good one!


thanks again!



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the site looks great. i especially like your featured products section. I have something that looks similar but i've been trying to figure out how i can get a brief description of the product to also show like you have. Is there anyway you could help me out with that? Thanks.

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Hi John,


Thanks for your comments on my shop!


I have PM you regards the help that you want... and I don't mind helping you!


Simple answer = use cieto featured products v2.1 contribution - it's great!


However I'm assuming you have already installed a featured products contribution? If so maybe it's an old version - if so it may have to be removed... or added to... but nevertheless, if you want some help just PM me and I'll try and help!





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The site looks great. I know it took alot of time to get it to this stage, congratulations. I like the RMA feature you've added. I trying to this

contribution to my site without seccess. Could help me correct whatever I'am doing wrong. I have posted my problem to the forum, no reply yet.

Your help will be appreciated.




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